Ch Pinto Stop and Stare

Ch Pinto Stop and Stare

Ch Pinto Princess of the Universe

Ch Pinto Back In The USSR

Ch Pinto Piña Colada

Ch Pinto Sugar Dandy

Ch Pinto Step By Step

Ch Pinto L'Ombra Del Gigante

SE UCh NUCh Pinto Stop and Stare

Hip Score A

CAC, CACIB & BOS, SKC Gothenburg January 9th
CAC & BOB, Danish Terrier Club May 3rd
CAC, CACIB & BOB, Danish KC May 4th
BOB, SKC July 3rd
BOB & Group-3, SKC August 15th








SE UCh NUCh Pinto Stop and Stare

























SE UCh NUCh Pinto Princess of the Universe

owner: Annika Jormelius

Hip Score B


CC, BOB, CHAMPION, Swe Terrier Club Eskilstuna May 30th

CACIB, BOB & Group-5, SKC Norrköping June 5th

CACIB, SKC Tvååker July 10th
CACIB & BOB, SKC Köping July 25th
BOB, SKC Visby August 28th
CACIB & BOB, SKC Visby August 29th
CC, CACIB, BOB, Group-4 & Norw Ch, NKC
   Stavanger September 1st

CIB SuCh DKuCH Pinto Back In the USSR

owner: Lotta Walles

Hip Score A


CC, BOS & Danish Champion, Danish Terrier Club May 3rd
CACIB & BOS, SKC Sofiero September 11th

SE UCH Pinto Pina Colada

owner: Göran & Marianne Engberg



CC, CACIB & BOS, SKC Österbybruk May 29th
CC, BOB & CHAMPION, The Terrier Club Högbo Sept 5th










SE UCH NUCH Pinto Sugar Dandy

owner: Richard Stenqvist

Hip Score A


CC, BOB & CHAMPION, SKC Vänersborg June 6th

CACIB, BOB & Swedish W-10, SKC Avesta June 13th
CACIB & BOS, Norwegian KC Oslo August 14th
BOS, The Terrier Club Högbo September 5th

SE UCH NUCH Pinto Step by Step

owner: Richard Stenqvist

Hip Score A


CC, BOB & CHAMPION Norwegian KC Oslo  October 30th

Pinto L'Ombra Del Gigante

owner: Åsa Vinnerberg

- 232,5 p in Working Trial, obedience+tracking - Qualified
  for the next level, Norrköping April 24th
- 1st price in open class tracking July 31st
- 1st price in open class tracking & Swedish tracking
   CHAMPION  September 2nd

CC & SF CHAMPION, Finnish KC Rovaniemi June 19th
CACIB & BOS, SKC Tvååker July 9th
CACIB & BOB, Danish KC  Vejen August 14th

SE UCH LP1 LP2 Pinto Truly, Madly, Deeply

owner: Monica Olsson

- 173 p Obedience Class 2 & 1:a place, Vimmerby May 30th
- 174,5 p Obedience Class 2 & 2:nd place, Kinda July 2nd

Pinto Penny Lane

owner: Eva Gustavsson


CC & BOB, Swedish Terrier Club Tånga Hed May 9th
CC & BOS, SKC Vänersborg June 6th


Pinto Sunshine of Your Life

owner: Kerstin Fahlman-Nord

CAC & BOB, SKC Vännäs June 12th

Ch Pinto Truly, Madly, Deeply

On the 18th of May
three boys and three girls
were born at the kennel!