Pinto Through The Barricades

Ch Pinto Sweet Caroline

Pinto True Love

Ch Pinto Silence Is Golden

Pinto Una Storia Importante

Pinto Un Nuovo Amore

Pinto Through The Barricades

BIS-2, Boxer club's unofficial show February 11th.

BIS, Dobermann club's unofficial show, February 18th.

BOS & CC, SKC show in Skara May 6th.

BOB, CC, BIS-4 & BIS young dog, Terrier Club's show in

    Fengersfors August 6th.

BOB, CC & CACIB, SKC show in Nyköping August 19th.


Pinto True Love

BIS, Boxer club's unofficial show in Eskilstuna April 2nd.

BOS & CC, SKC show "Lilla Stockholm" April 16th.

BOB & CC, SKC show in Norrköping May 27th.

BOB & CC, SKC show in Österbybruk June 3rd.

BOB & CC, Terrier Club's show in Södertälje June 4th.

BOB & CC, SKC show in Norrköping August 20th.

CC, CACIB & BOS , SKC in Sofiero September 9th.

CC, Champion, CACIB, & BOS, Norwegian Kennel Club
    in Kongsviner October 7th.






Best Breeders Group
SKC show in Norrköping August 20th.

Ch Pinto Silence Is Golden

BOB & CACIB, SKC show "Lilla Stockholm" April 16th.

BOS , CC & Danish Championship, DKC show May 6th.

CACIB & BOS, SKC in Växjö.






Pinto Una Storia Importante

BOB, CC, BIS-4 & BIS-3 young dog, Terrier club show in

    Tånga Hed May 27th.

CC & BOS, SKC show in Österbybruk June 3rd.

CC & BOB, Terrier Club show in Södertälje June 4th.

CC, CACIB & BOB, SKC show in Ronneby August 13th.

Pinto Un Nuovo Amore

CC, Terrier Club Show in Högbo Bruk September 2nd.

Pinto L'Ombra del Gigante

CC, CACIB & BOB, SKC show in Vännäs June 17th.

Pinto Gente de Mare

CC & BOB, Norwegian KC, Moss July 29th.

CC & BOS, Baerum, Norway August 28th.

CC & BOB, Baerum, Norway August 29th.

CC, Championtitle, Norwegian KC in Hamar November 6th.

1st price in obedience class I, promoted to obedience class II, Horten, Norway, Sept 3, 2006.