Ch Pinto Sweet Caroline

Pinto Un Nuovo Amore

Pinto Dammi La Luna

Ch Pinto Good Day Sunshine

Ch Pinto Silence Is Golden

Ch Aerobic's River Deep Mountain High

Pinto dogs in the Airedale of the Year contest:

2) NordUCh KbhV-04 SV-05 Pinto Good Day Sunshine 94 p 
5) SUCh Pinto Sweet Caroline 79 p 
8) SUCh Pinto Summer Wine 58 p 
9) SUCh Pinto Silence is Golden 50 p

Kennel Pinto 3rd best breeder in the Swedish Terrier Club 
Kennel Pinto 21st best breeder in the Swedish Kennel Club


Ch Pinto Sweet Caroline

CC & BOS, Dalarnas Terrier Club, June 18th.

CC & BOB, SKC in Avesta, June 19th.

CC, CACIB & Championtitle, SKC in Visby July 2nd.

BOS, SKC in Visby July 3rd.

BOS & CACIB, SKC in Askersund August 6th.

BOS, SKC in Nyköping August 13th.

BOB,  Dalarnas Terrier Club, Högbo September 3rd.







BIS Breedersgroup at Taxings May 15th.

BIS-5 Breedersgroup at SKC in Askersund August 6th.





Pinto Un Nuovo Amore

CC, SKC in Visby July 3rd

Pinto Una Storia Importante

8 x BOB-puppy 

CC, SKC show in Ronneby August 7th.

CC, SKC in Öland September 3rd.


Pinto L'Ombra del Gigante

BIS, Norrköpings BKs unofficial show September 18th.

CC, Terrier Club show in Hallstahammar October 8th.

CC, SKC show "Stora Stockholm" December 10th.


Pinto Dammi La Luna

BIS-3 in Vallentuna, unofficial show, Sept 18, 2005








Ch Pinto Good Day Sunshine

BOB, Taxinge May 15th.

BOS, SKC in Norrköping,May 29th.

BOB & BIS-4, Dalarnas Terrier Club June 18th.

CACIB & BOB, SKC in Visby July 2nd.

BOB & Group-4, SKC in Visby July 3rd.

BOB & CACIB, SKC in Askersund August 6th.

BOB, SKC in Nyköping August 13th.

BOS, SKC in Täby  August 28th.

BOB, Dalarnas Terrier Club in Högbo September 3rd.

CACIB & BOB, SKC in Högbo September 4th.

BOS, Sw Terrier Club in Hallstahammar October 8th. 

BOS, SvTek's Terrier Derby in Enköping November 20th.

SV-05, CACIB & BOS, SKC show "Stora Stockholm", Dec 10th.

Ch Pinto Silence Is Golden

CC, CACIB & BOS, SKC in Malmö March 19th. 

CC, CACIB & BOS, SKC in Stockholm March 27th.

CC & Championtitle at Taxinge May 15th.

BOS, SKC in Avesta June 19th.

Ch Aerobic's River Deep Mountain High

Ch Pinto Summer Wine

CC, SKC in Västerås April 24th.

CC, CACIB & BOB, SKC in Österbybruk, May 14th.

CC, CACIB & BOB, Taxinge May 15th.

Pinto Swing it Magistern

1st price Tracking Test, Swe Spaniel- & Retriever Club

1st price Tracking Test, Dachshund Club

BIS Breedergroup

Swe Terrier Club in Avesta June 18th.

SKC in Avesta June 19th.

Ch LPI LPII Pinto Rock Around The Clock

Ch LP1 LPII Pinto Rock Around The Clock

From the left: Siv, Thomas, Lars-Johan, Mats, Pia, Pia W, Annika & Håkan
Sitting in the front: Lotta
Missing in the photo: Svensson Family, Jenny & Kerstin