Pinto Get The Party started

Ch Pinto Through the Barricades

Pinto True Love

Pinto Un Nuovo Amore

Pinto Get In the Ring

Pinto True Love

AshGrove Brown Sugar

Ch Pinto Crackling Rose

Ch Pinto Get The Party Started

Ch Pinto Through The Barricades

AshGrove Brown Sugar

Pinto Get the Party Started

BOB, BIG-R-puppy on Newfoundlandsklubben's inoff
    exhibition in Nyköping January 13th.

BOB, BIG-puppy on Boxerklubben's inoff exhibition in
    Sollentuna February 3rd.

First prize, working trial, Dalarnas Taxklubb July 31st.
Passed Aptitude Test for Working Trial, June 17th.

CC & BOB, SKC Askersund August 11th.

CC SKC Stockholm August 26th


Ch Pinto Through the Barricades

CC, BOB, BIS-4 at ÖsTek's show in Skogås March 3rd.
CC, CACIB, BOS, Champion at SKC Älvsjö April 8th.
BOB at SKC Larv May 5th.
BOB Värmland-Dals Terrier club June 9th.
BOS SKC Vänersborg June 10th.
BOS Värmland-Dals Terrier club Karlstad July 29th.


Pinto L´Ombra Del Gigante

CC, BOS Swedish & Norwegian Champion, Östsvenska
    Terrier club, Södertälje May 26th.
CACIB & BOB SKC Gällivare July 1st.



SUCH Pinto Un Nuovo Amore

CC & Champion SKC Västerås April 22nd
CACIB, BOS & SweW-07 at SKC show in Österbybruk May 12th.


Pinto Truly, Madly, Deeply

CC SKC Borås June 30th.
CC SKC Piteå July 7th.
CC & Champion SKC August 18th.

Pinto Get In The Ring

CC SKC show in Larv May 5th.







Pinto True Love

CC & BOB  Swedish and Norwegian Champion Östsvenska
   Terrier club   Södertälje May 26th.
CACIB & BOB SKC Borås August 30th.
BOS  SKC Tvååker July 13th.
CACIB & BOB  SKC Tvååker July 14th.
CACIB & BOB SKC Lövudden July 21st.
BOS SKC Stockholm August 26th.

AshGrove Brown Sugar

CC, CACIB & BOB S:t Gallen May 12th.
CC, CACIB S:t Gallen May 13th.
CC SKC Borås June 30th.
CC & BOB SKC  Tvååker July 13th.
CC, CACIB & BOB Tvååker July 14th.
CC, CACIB, BOB & Group 5th SKC Lövudden July 21st.
CC, BOB & BIS Värmland-Dals Terrier club, Karlstad July 29th.
CC & BOB SKC Stockholm August 26th.




Best in Show Breeders Group

at Airedale Terrier Gillet's show September 1st, Kålboda. 


Pinto Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu

CC SKC Vänersborg June 10th.


Pinto Una Storia Importante

CC, BOS & Champion Sofiero August 9th.

Summary of 2007

Ch Pinto Crackling Rose

Top winning obedience Airedale

Ch Pinto Get The Party Started

Top winning bloodtracking Airedale terrier

Ch Pinto Through The Barrricades

Most winning Airedale terrier bitch


AshGrove Brown Sugar

2nd top winning Airedale terrier dog

co-owner Lena Bruun

Ch Pinto Truly, Madly, Deeply

2nd top winning Airedale terrier bitch

Ch Pinto Truly, Madly, Deeply