Ch Pinto L'Ombra Del Gigante

Ch Pinto Get The Party Started

Pinto Stop And Stare

Pinto Stop And Stare

Ch Pinto Get The Party Started

Flirt, Richard & Cash

Pinto Step By Step

Pinto Princess of the Universe

Ch Pinto L'Ombra Del Gigante

Ch Pinto Gold Finger

Ch Pinto Back In The USSR

Ch Pinto Back In The USSR

Pinto Golden Star

Pinto Pina Colada

Nordisk Ch LP1 Pinto L'Ombra Del Gigante

with his owner Åsa Vinnerberg


Top Winning Allround Airedaleterrier 2009
Top Winning Obedience Airedaleterrier 2009
Top Winning Tracking Airedaleterrier 2009

Nordic Ch Pinto Get the Party Started

with her owner Pia Wahlström


Top Winning Agility Airedaleterrier 2009
2nd Top Winning Allround Airedaleterrier 2009

NV-09 Pinto Stop and Stare

Hip Score A

CC, SKC Larv May 9th
CC, BOB & Group-3, SKC Vallentuna August 23rd
CC, BOS & BIS-2 youngster, ÖsTek in Strängnäs October 17th
CC, CACIB, BOB & NV-09, Norwegian KC Novembe 28th
CC, CACIB & BOS, SKC Älvsjö December 12th















Nord Ch Pinto Get the Party Started

owner:  Pia Wahlström

 Hip Score A

172,5 p Obedience Class 1, 1st price & 2nd place, Bro Håbo, 11 October
CC & CHAMPION! at  Danish KC, Herning November 7th

"Our" norwegian children together with their master, Richard Stenqvist, Norway!


Pinto Sugar Dandy " Cash"

Hip Score A


CC, SKC Malmö March 21st

CC, SKC Stockholm April 11th

CC & BOS, SKC Ransäter July 26th

CC, CACIB, BOB & Group-4 at Norwegian KC Oslo August 15th
CC & BOB, Norwegian KC November 7th
CC, Norway November 14th

Pinto Step by Step "Flirt"

 Hip Score A


CC, SKC Malmö March 21st

CC & BOS, Norwegian KC, Kristiansand May 9th 

CC & BOS, Norwegian KC, June 21st 

CC & BOB, SKC Ransäter July 26th

CC, CACIB & BOS, Norwegian KC August 15th 

CAC & BOS, Norway November 14th

Pinto Princess of the Universe

owner: Annika Jormelius


Hip Score B


CC, SKC Stockholm April 11th

CC, SKC Västerås April 25th

CC & BOS, SKC Norrköping June 6th

CC & BOS, SKC Avesta June 14th

CC & BOB, SKK Visby July 4th

Nord Ch LP 1 Pinto L'Ombra Del Gigante

owner: Åsa Vinnerberg

Handler in photo: Nicklas Munkvall

Hip Score B


BOB, SKC Norrköping June 6th

BOB & CACIB, Norwegian KC Tromsö October 25th 

178 p in Obedience Class 1, Oxelösund September 27th
171,5 p in Obedience Class 1, Simontorp October 11th
160,5 p in Odedience Class 1, Södertälje November 22nd
190 p in Obedience Class 1 & 1st place, Katrineholm Dec 6th

1:a price  tracking (blood), September 10th

Ch  Pinto Gold Finger

owner: Karin & Tommy Andersson


CC, SKC Norrköping June 6th
CC, The Terrier Club Avesta June 13th
CC & CHAMPION!!! SKC Avesta June 14th

Ch Pinto Back In the USSR

owner: Lotta Walles

Hip Score A
CC & BOB, SKC Gothenburg January 3rd
CC, SKC in Gothenburg January 4th
CC & BOB, Danish KC in Holestad
CC & CHAMPION!!! Terrier Club Show in Tånga Hed May 10th.
BOB, Terrier Club Show Hörby May 16th
BOS, SKC Hässleholm May 17th
CACIB, Norwegian KC Drammen June 7th

Pinto Golden Star

owner: Malin Åkerblom


Hip Score A


Ispa is showed with several "champion quality"

Pinto Pina Colada

owner: Marianne & Göran Engberg

CC, CACIB & BOB, SKC Högbo September 6th

Results from Airedale Terrier Gillets
Open Show & Championship in obedience!

- BIS Progency Class
   with Ch Pinto Hottest "X" in Texas and her children

- BIS Breeder Class

- BIS Veteran Ch Pinto Corina Corina, 10 years old

- 3rd best male, Ch Pinto Back in the USSR

- 5th best male, Ch Pinto L'Ombre Del Gigante 

- 3rd best bitch, Ch Pinto Get the Party Started

- 5th best bitch, Pinto Stop and Stare

Ch Pinto Corina Corina

The BIS Veteran also became Club Champion in obedience

"Kerba" with her handler and proud owner Jenny Dahlbom!!!




Ch Pinto Corina Corina

Pinto-Airedales in action! 

Maggan in action!

Ch Pinto Corina Corina and the owner Jenny!

Ch Pinto Get the Party Started

Pinto Golden Star with her owner Malin