Ch Pinto Crackling Rose


LPI LPII Pinto Good Vibrations

Eight 1st price in Obedience class II

Pinto Crackling Rose

made her debut winning CC

At the Swedish Kennel Club show in Västerås April 28th and

in Österbybruk June 2nd she won CC, CACIB and BOS.

At Skokloster June 3rd, in Norrköping August 18th and in Nyköping August 19th she won CC and BOS.

Pinto CC Rider

(brother to Crackling Rose) gained his first CC in Sollentuna, his second CC at the Kennel Club show in Sollentuna April 14th.

At the Skokloster show Jun 3rd, and in Avesta June 17th, he won his third and fourth CC. In Alfta June 3rd he got CC and was BOB.


Pinto Purple Rain

got CC and was BOS in Avesta June 17th.


Pinto Walk On The Wild Side

was BOB and got CACIB in Österbybruk June 2nd.

At the shows at Skokloster, in Avesta June 3rd and in Avesta June 16th and June 17th he was BOB.

In Norrköping August 18th he was BOB and 2nd in the Terrier Group.



Pinto Streets of Philadelphia

Became International Champion in Nürnberg May 5th.
He won CC and became Danish champion in Hilleröd in Denmark June

He was BOB in Fredriksverk, Denmark Jun 17th.

He was BOB, got CACIB and was 5th in the Terrier Group in Ransäter July 28th.